Drew’s Garage installs high performance transmissions from preferred vendor Hughes Performance.

“The Hughes performance ”Pro Glide” Powerglide has made a name for itself on drag strips across the country. As we know,  the Powerglide transmission is the most commonly used transmission on the track. Because it is so popular, the Hughes team of expert builders spend countless hours of research and development to provide their customers with the most efficient unit money can buy. Units with stock gears and output shafts are good to 650 HP, while the units with 9310 alloy gears and billet output shafts with the Superglide case are good to 1500+ HP. The Superglide units are equipped with  an inner case liner for total SFI certification. All units are equipped with fluid release transbrakes for quicker reaction times.

The Street/Strip transmission contains racing components which increase strength, reliability, and torque capacity. All street/strip transmissions also feature our manual/automatic valve body which allows you to select precise manual shifting or full automatic.”

-Hughes Performance Website http://www.hughesperformance.com/