Meet the Team

Custom designed cars and custom builds are our passion, and perfection is our only acceptable result of every car we build. Our expert team of craftsmen have over 100 years of combined experience.

Team Drew’s staff is carefully selected and interviewed thoroughly before becoming a member of Drew’s Garage. Each member must demonstrate, not only on paper their accumulative years of experience in their specific field, but also pass a work test. This test qualifies their skills before any real consideration is made. Our Team shows their passion and dedication to doing nothing less than perfect, through their work. The proof is in the pudding folks!

Drew Tennant, Owner

Drew’s passion for cars was ignited at the age of 9, when a friend of the family came to the house in a 1966 Chevelle with a custom built 409 under the hood. From that moment on, custom cars were in his blood. At the tender age of 14, he started doing body work and custom painting in the family garage. By the age of 19, he had won countless trophies for “Best in Show” and “Best Paint”. His creativity and talent grew as he continued to build cars over the years and finally opened Drew’s Garage in 2005. His passion for cars and his dedication into his work continues to grow.

Roy Powell, Interiors

Roy Powell is a second generation upholsterer who grew up in his parents shop in Rapid City, South Dakota. Roy’s parents started the upholstery shop in 1961 and Roy was born in 1962 so his claim to having grown up in the upholstery shop is literal!  Roy “officially” began working for his parents when he was 15 and continued to do so until 1996 when his family moved to Hot Springs, South Dakota. Roy Healy was also instrumental in his life long passion for street rods with his ownership of the Horseless Carriage Museum outside of Rapid City, South Dakota.  As a kid Roy worked at the museum dusting the cars and eventually did interior work as well as painting.

Through the years Roy has built many of his own cars which included a 1960 Ford pickup with a tilt front end.  Roy currently owns a 1946 Ford as well as his Father’s 1955 Crown Victoria. Roy’s project car is a 1933 Plymouth with a long ram induction.  Roy is excited to continue the build and begin frequenting the car shows in Arizona!

In order to stay current in Roy’s field, he has continued his education through SEMA shows, upholstery conferences and workshops. Roy is a contributor to “The Hog Ring” an upholstery forum.  Roy’s designs and interiors are current and cutting edge, due to staying so current in his expertise.

Roy’s work has been showcased in several national magazines. He won 2nd place in the National Super Chevy Show. His work was also featured in the Super Chevy magazine, Good Guys, Hot Rod magazine and was also honored through the Counts Car Club Car Show (that has been held annually since 1980) as “Man of the Year” for his contributions to street rodding. Roy is excited to begin a new chapter of his life working at Drew’s Garage, where Roy can continue to produce high quality custom interiors and to work on cars such as the recently completed interior in Larry Fitzgerald’s 68 Charger.

Sean Schwagler, Mechanical & Assembly

Sean’s desire for cars was fueled by many members of his family. His Father’s knowledge of the mechanical side of cars, inspired Sean to purchase his first car at the age of 15…a 1971 Camaro R/S. Needing to address the body on this Camaro, Sean decided to take course at the local trade center. Learning the masterful craft of sheet metal work and painting. Sean has been running strong in the automotive industry for over 20 years now, and has been here at Drew’s for 2 years. Sean is the Shop Manager here at Drew’s Garage and would do anything for the Team; he stays late hours to make sure promises to customers are met, to prep for shows, and to just do some extra work/cleaning  around the shop.


Knick Gomez, Mechanical & Assembly

Knick is the newest addition to the team here at Drew’s Garage. Being from El Paso and coming to a big city Phoenix was a culture shock for him, but he found his home here at Drew’s doing what he loves to do. Knick’s interest in cars began when he received his first car at the age of 14. His passion has always been stronger with old school Cadillacs and fifties American cars. Knick’s passion and dedication for historical preservation and detail make him unique addition to Drew’s Garage.

Tom Bradburn, Customer Relations Manager

“As a young boy I grew up playing with Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. From the age of 16-I was washing and waxing cars for extra money. By the age of 18 I owned a detail shop…and the rest is history.

I guess you could say that I am a “Car Guy” through and through. I love Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Classic Cars. I get to do what I love and have a passion for daily–working in the“Car Guy” world!

Drew’s Garage has been a blessing to me, from the people to the product. They are the real deal and I love that I can be part of a clients dream and work alongside these folks. Here is what I can tell you from experience. Try us out and you will see for yourself. Work done right, a shop you can trust!”

Tom Bradburn is our Customer Relations Manager and does follow-ups with all people Drew’s Garage comes in contact with. Whether you called about a quote on a paint job, or came to our booth at a car show- you will be hearing from Tom! He lets our customers know and feel how important they are to Drew’s Garage. Tom has been a business man for many years and is a great asset to the Team here at the Garage.