At Drew’s Garage, we pay special attention to the interior of our cars. We consider every detail – from custom fitted seats to the special feel of an Italian leather we pay attention to every detailed stitch. We know you spend most of your time in the interior of your car, and we want that experience to be the best it can.

That’s why we hired Roy Powell, award winning and recognized as one of the best in the market. Roy’s work has been in several national magazines showcasing Roy’s interiors including:

• 2nd place in the National Super Chevy Show
• Featured in the Super Chevy magazine
• Featured in Good Guys
• Featured in Hot Rod magazine and was also
• Honored through the Counts Car Club Car Show (that has been held annually since 1980) as “Man of the Year” for his contributions to street rodding.

In order to stay current in Roy’s field, he has continued his education through SEMA shows, upholstery conferences and workshops. Roy is a contributor to “The Hog Ring”, an upholstery forum.  Roy’s designs and interiors are current and cutting edge due to staying so current in his field.

Look at Roy’s one of a kind work below!